5 Estates, 1 Project

Quinta do Mourão

The journey starts here

In a magical environement, just a few minutes from the city of Peso Régua, here is the heart of the project.


Initially pictured on Forrester's map, Quinta do Mourão is located on Lower Corgo in the District of Lamego. The Estate count a total of 37ha, including 26Ha of vines.


​Here we can find the typical grapes from the Douro Region, including the Touriga Franca we highly appreciate for our wines.

The House

That was precisely on the balcony of our familly house that, in 1885, Ramalho Ortigão, a famous portuguese poet, wrote his famous writing "As Farpas" (Chapter VI). In this text, he makes a wonderful description of the Estate and its surroundings.


Beneath the north-facing balcony lies a wide slope of low and thick vine, in all the shades of green, from the brightest to the darkest, bristled with mature autumn paints in amber and fiery, blond, red, chalky spots. Below, the sprawling Douro River depicts a huge S across the valley, gleaming between rips of olive and orchard, behind the lush branches of poplars and alders.

- Ramalho Ortigão (free translation from the original written in portuguese)

The Winery

The construction of the winery was the first step on modernizing the production and pursuing the improvement of the quality of the wines.


Equipped with 5 temperature-controlled stainless steel "lagares", 3 fermentation vats and stainless steel vats, the winery has a total capacity of 600 "pipas" (330,000lt). There stands also our bottling line as the complete process is made at the Estate.

Casa do Coito - Port Knox

In this complex lies the biggest treasure of our family.

In the 11 "toneis" and dozens of "pipas", thousands of litres of Old Ports have been ageing, some of them for over a century.

Two estates, Two brothers

The origin of our brand "São Leonardo" lies on the history of the two states in Alto Corgo zone.


Two families used to live there, one on each side. At that time, there was no long-distance media, neither the roads were so drivable. Thus, it was precisely half way that they used to meet, at the magnificent viewpoint of São Leonardo da Galafura, which inspired the greatest poets and still keeps on enchanting its visitors.


For this reason our Ports "São Leonardo" represent in some way a meeting-point between "brothers".

The roman heritage of Poisa

Poisa is our estate with the highest percentage of old vines. From the 15ha planted, 7 are over 50 years old. It represents for us the heritage of our ancestors and all their traditions we strive to cultivate.


Since it was acquired, an important effort has been made in order to preserve the ancient heritage there located, including the so-called "Fonte do Milho"; ancient remains that witness the Roman presence in the region.

Quinta de Marialva

Located between the rivers Tanha and Corgo, it's at Marialva we can find our youngest vines.


Indeed, the entire vines were restructured recently, the oldest parcel dating from 2006.

Enjoy a unique wine experience.

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