S. Leonardo Tawny 100 years

In 1985, Alfred Nobel created the Nobel prizes, the biggest representation of the human genius. Is is also in this year that the Lumiére brothers transform the so called “seven art” with their audiovisual techniques. The world watched in amazement to the first motion pictures of the train entrance at “La Ciotat” railway station.

Thirty-two years later, in 1927, the audacity of Charles Lindbergh makes him fly over the Atlantic ocean connecting New York to Paris, in a single direct flight.

It is also in 1927 that Douro produces one of the best Port wines of the XX century and, as a premonition, that same year, Mário Braga, the founder of Quinta do Mourão, is born.

This much aged S. Leonardo Tawny is a blend that mixes wines from 1895 and 1927. The wine, whose taste combines the genius, the art, the boldness and the innovation.

S. Leonardo 100 years tawny

Like the Lumiére brothers train, the aged S. Leonardo Tawny is made eternal on the experience memory.

Pedro Braga de Carvalho