“May’s Gift Porto S. Leonardo 20 Years” Rules

General provisions

The purpose of this regulation is to establish the conditions for holding the “May’s Gift” competition, hereinafter referred to as giveaway.

1. Responsibility

This is an initiative under the exclusive responsibility of Quinta do Mourão (trade name of the company Mário Joaquim da Rocha Braga e Herdeiros)

It is not promoted, supported or administered by Instagram, nor does it have any direct involvement from this social media service.

2. Eligibility

All Instagram users who are of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages in their countries of residence and who comply with the requirements written in this regulation are admitted to participate in this giveaway.

People who have a direct link to Quinta do Mourão (administration, direct family relationship with the administration or existing employment relationship with the company) are excluded from participation eligibility.

Users with “fake” profiles or whose user identification is not evident will not be considered eligible.

3. Acceptance of the rules

Participation in this giveaway requires knowledge and full and unreserved acceptance of the conditions of this regulation and its possible changes.

4. Period for participation

The period for participation in the giveaway runs from 7 pm on 11 May 2020 to 7 pm on 18 May 2020 (GMT + 1).

5. Prize

The prize for this giveaway is a bottle of S. Leonardo 20 years Tawny Port, from Quinta do Mourão.

6. How to participate

To participate in the giveaway, participants must mention five Instagram friends in the giveaway post comments.

7. Specific conditions

Participation in the giveaway does not imply the payment of any registration or subscription fees for products or services of Quinta do Mourão or third parties.

In order to ensure that all participants have equal conditions of participation and the probability of winning the prize, only one participation per person is allowed.

Participations will not be considered valid if the profiles are false or difficult to identify the participant, if they do not meet the requirements of the previous number of this regulation, or who in any way try to defect the rules of this regulation.

8. Selection and notification of the winner

The winner will be drawn using the https://app-sorteos.com sweepstakes platform.

The results will be posted on Quinta do Mourão’s profile on Instagram in May 19, 2020.

The winner will be contacted by private message by Quinta do Mourão regarding identity verification and the prize delivery process.

If Quinta do Mourão does not receive a response from the participant within 3 working days, Quinta do Mourão reserves the right to carry out the draw again, excluding that participant.

The winner has the right to accept or deny the prize.

The sending of the prize and its associated costs are the responsibility of Quinta do Mourão.

9. Data request and disclosure

Participants accept that Quinta do Mourão requests the personal data necessary to confirm the winner’s identity, in order to comply with the requirements set out in this regulation.

Participants cannot oppose the disclosure of their username or their data available on Instagram for the purpose of disclosing the winner.

10. Terms and conditions

Quinta do Mourão will not be responsible for the impossibility of participating in the giveaway due to network failures or errors, for the impossibility / difficulty of accessing or non-availability of the Instagram application, nor about its compatibility with the operating systems, computer programs used to access the Internet, respective terminal configurations and / or Internet access capacity of giveaway participants or users of the application.

Although Quinta do Mourão strives to guarantee the highest possible security in the collection of the requested data, the Internet does not allow security guarantees and, as such, it is not possible to guarantee complete security, at the risk of the data provided being seen, used or altered by unauthorized third parties.

Omissions in this regulation will be resolved by Quinta do Mourão and its decisions will not be subject to appeal.

13. Privacy Policy

The use of the personal data of the participants in this giveaway is governed by the Privacy Policy available here.