Creating unique wines.


Wines that reveal the essence of the terroir

Conde Vimioso

Historical legacy

The Conde Vimioso range is a seal of historical legacy, whose wines assume their own identity. 

The combination of indigenous with international grape varieties gives birth to enriching experiences based on the character of the terroir and experience, in close articulation with innovation and ambition.


Differentiated ranges

Falua Reserva Unoaked is a distinct option to showcase the natural excellence of the grape varieties and the purity of the unique terroir of the Vinha do Convento da Serra. The Falua Two Grapes unveil wines created from two grape varieties, which show the balance and elegance of a blend naturally designed to surprise in shades of white, red and rosé.

Vinhos Verdes

Pieces of a history that reveals itself in each bottle

Barão do Hospital

The roots of hospitality

The title “Barão do Hospital” was awarded to one of the previous owners of Quinta do Hospital.

In the Middle Ages, hospitals were spaces created in the spirit of helping others, designed to welcome and give “hospitality” to travelers.

Vinhos do Douro

Wines that tell the story of a region

Quinta de São José

Purity of a terroir interpreted in detail

In vineyards planted on terraces, facing north, on bluish-gray schist soils, some of the most exciting Douro wines are born, marked by the purity of meticulously interpreted terroir.

Quinta do Mourão

The Douro unveiled in every bottle

With entirely manual viticulture that combines ancestral knowledge with updated technical expertise, the quest for quality is a daily pursuit. In the long history of Quinta do Mourão, excellence has been a value that has traveled through time and among the various generations dedicated to the production of great Port wines and nationally and internationally recognized DOC Douro wines.