"Stake that holds the vine"

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Back to roots

The project Quinta do Mourão starts when Mário Braga decides to come back to its origins by acquiring 5 estates in the Douro Valley. Originally from Vila Nova de Gaia, a connection with Port Wine had ineluctably been generated. On the other hand, he married the Douro by marrying his wife whose grandfather played a very important role in the medical practice in Moncorvo. According to those connections, both wine and region, it was no surprise when in 1972 Mário Braga acquired Quinta do Mourão together with 4 other estates in the Douro.And so a great family project was born, a project that would last and grow through the following generations.

Mário Braga e Herdeiros

Between Tradition and Innovation

Today, the project lands on the shoulders of the following generation, and already has the 3rd generation. Miguel Braga, one of the current owners, was only 10 when his father started it. And so he would spend most of his childhood in this beautiful region, for which he had always felt a great attraction. That's why, after his father passed away, with no hesitation, Miguel decided to continue the work previously initiated and make it grow. Today, Quinta do Mourão, has 14 people working together on modernization and sustainability of the project, always focused on increasing the quality of the wines but still following the Tradition. Our wines are already present in 3 Continents - Europe, America and Asia, and the international commercial strategy has been increasing from year to year, as well as the renown of our brand, associated with its the quality and prestige.

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