Quinta do Mourão, headquarters of Mário Braga, Heirs organization, still presents some of the characteristics that Ramalho Ortigão, a renowned Portuguese writer, glimpsed on an Autumn morning, in the middle of XIX century, when he slept in one of the bedrooms whose balcony opens wide onto the Douro river.

Ramalho Ortigão and Quinta do Mourão


“Underneath the balcony, facing north, on a sweet slope, a wide plot of land of low vineyard extends, thick, dense, in all shades of green, from the brightest to the darkest striped with the tender paints of Autumn in amber and fire color stains, blond, red, oxidated. Down below, sprawling, the Douro river describes an enormous S across the valley extension, shimmering between streaks of olive groves and orchards, behind the thriving branches of poplars and alders.”



The Barbs


However, nowadays, there are some differences because, between the text written by Ramalho Ortigão and the present time, about one hundred and seventy years have passed. Presently, Mário Braga, Heirs live a period of rejuvenation and innovation while maintaining the traditions of the past.


Acquired in 1972 by Mário Braga (husband and father of the current owners), Quinta do Mourão is the headquarters of a group of properties – Marialva, Poisa and Barrojas. These properties, referenced since XVIII century on the map “Pombaline demarcation in the Douro wine region”, are part of the Douro wine heritage, combining tradition and modernity.


The wine produced at Quinta do Mourão has always maintained a traditional winemaking process that has given its wines their very own characteristics, which have made them enjoyed and preferred by a large number of clients and major exporters of Port wine. At the same time, over the years, stocks of old wine have been built up, aged in wooden casks, which have enriched the family’s wine collection.


Today, and after the death of Mário Braga in 1999, the current administration – 2nd and 3rd Generations – carries out a project of modernization and revitalization of the properties, never neglecting quality and tradition, while remaining faithful to the family tradition.



Thus, and after the construction of a modern winery (stainless steel mills and fermentation vats with temperature control), the organization Mário Braga, Heirs launched two brands of Douro DOC wine – Rio Bom and Quinta do Mourão, and a brand of Port wine – S. Leonardo.


The launch of these wines in the market was very well received, having been presented in national and foreign exhibitions and participating in various competitions where they won several medals and prizes


All this effort of modernization and care with the lands allows for Quinta do Mourão, once again evoking Ramalho Ortigão, to continue to be “a garden where the wine flows, flooding the air with a spicy smell of must.

Quinta do Mourão

Zaida Braga